Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tiny Review: Muramasa Rebirth

I'm so backlogged on games, that I just now getting around to playing Muramasa Rebirth on my Vita. I picked it up as part of a Playstation Plus sale the other week and have been playing it on the train ever since. Based on the Trophies I've earned so far it looks like I'm about halfway in to both campaigns. Without beating it I initially felt like I couldn't review it, when I sat back and revisited my progress again, I noticed that I had been doing the same thing over and over in the game:
  1. Follow the flag on the map to your next destination 
  2. fight bad guys along the way
  3. Arrive at the flag and fight a boss
  4. Die? Level grind until you can kill the boss.
  5. Kill the boss then backtrack across screens and screens of maps to your next flag destination. 
  6. Equip new swords once you get enough points to forge them.
  7. Repeat
That's literally it. The graphics are amazing though and I think that's why I'm still compelled to play through to the end. I'm certain the last boss is going to be an multi-screen stunner. Until then it's a real grind to get to the end of both journeys.

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