Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer Writing Preview

I'm working on three stories for release in the three months ahead. Like Numbers, I'm rolling out each one on Noisetrade free for a month before retiring each one to Amazon and the other standard digital shops.

Popular Mechanics for the Domestic Set: Valerie adjusts to the dating scene with the help of the latest technology 1982 has to offer.

The Curious Thing About Molecules: An entirely new kind of apocalypse for people tired of reading about the nuclear, viral and climate change kinds.

The Royal Ladybugs of Maryville: A woman's social club tracks down the criminals the local cops don't dare touch.

I'm genre hopping this summer while plotting out the next proper horror offering in the vein of Numbers. There's also the promise of the children's book being published in physical form at some point on the horizon as well.

Thanks for taking this ride with me.


As a bonus here's the most 90's thing I've seen in a while. TMNT on Oprah.

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