Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Mission Drift: A Single Page RPG Now Available

I took a break between the novels I'm editing and writing to create a single-page RPG for the Tiny Tome game jam

Mission Drift

Will you achieve your charity's vision of a better realm or lose all integrity to chase donations

While townsfolk sing songs of adventurers prevailing over ancient evils and visiting rogues tell tales of hidden, distant treasures awaiting plunder, your mind always drifts to the immediate needs of the world around you that are going unmet. With a vision of a better future guiding you and a single gold coin willed to you from your dear departed Aunt, you go forth into the world to attempt a feat that would cause even the realm's bravest warriors to cower: start a charity!

How long can you keep your charity afloat when your donor has drifting interests? What will you compromise to keep meeting the needs across the realm?