Sunday, May 18, 2014

Progress report: Popular Mechanics

In finishing the newest short story for June's release, I've hit quite a wall. I know how things begin and the middle, but rarely know the endings until about a week or two before my self imposed deadline. It's only now that I've noticed it's a pattern. In writing the two novel drafts, and in "Numbers" and "Popular Mechanics" I've had the same problem. 

The answer been usually the same I'll throw my hands up give what I have done so far to my wife. She cuts through the story with sharp eye and that's they catalyst that somehow triggers the appropriate ending. After that it's a quick ride through the rest of the rollercoaster. 

"Popular Mechanics" now has an ending that feels appropriate and I can't wait to hear what readers think about it. It's a great progression from Numbers and I'm looking forward to posting it to the eShop of your choice.

I'm off to the artist to see if what he thinks of my rough concept for the cover. Something that really captures the peak of high technology in the 80's.

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