Monday, August 6, 2018

$2.75 Workout - @MicrocosmsFic

By my best estimate, I'm about 20% complete on my new novel and doing a little flash fiction to take a break. This week's Microcosms flash was fun, I got to set something in a place where I get to spend a part of my morning commute.

$2.75 Workout

“C’mon son you only got five days to harden up. You want to take a beating in front of your boys?”


“Your girl?”


“Your momma?

“Hell no.”

“Then get make a fist and get ready.” Doc Greene always closed out his protégé’s workout on the southern side of the 2 platform: the side the subway trains came in fastest. This was after a straight hour running up and down the 42nd Street station’s stairs, doing inclined burpees on the up ramp to the Port Authority Terminal, and repeatedly deadlifting the recycling bin at the end of the D line where the police rarely patrolled.

“I’m gonna make your fists concrete.”

Julius nodded, jogging in place keeping his heart up and his mind off of the approaching headlamp. Later this week he’d be squaring up with Jackson ‘Big Bronx’ Davis who hit as hard as the oncoming subway car.

Doc Greene shouted, “Stick out those paws!”

The subway roared from the tunnel and Julius shot out his fist. It connected with the steel side of the subway and he immediately retracted it. In quick succession, he pummeled the side of the train as is passed the platform. Each connection more excruciating than the last.

“Jesus what the hell are you doing,” a new voice yelled.

Julius turned to see a policeman, hand on his stun gun, ready to act.

“You keep punching,” Doc commanded the boxer. He turned to the cop. “This young man is training for his upcoming fight.”

“You can’t punch the subway car, son.”

“We paid our fare. This is the only gym we have, man.”

The train stopped and Julius lowered his mangled fists. The officer grimaced and walked away.

Doc turned back Julius, “OK two more trains for your knuckles then we’re workin’ that jaw.”