Saturday, November 29, 2014

Inland Tides - @FlashFridayFic

Another entry for Flash! Friday. This week's prompt was an image of a woman wading in an ocean tide.

Inland Tides

Monica's toes explored the cracks in the highway pavement hoping for a nibble. The lobsters made their homes in the crevices of the old interstate that had once bisected Atlanta. The road and most of the city that had gone underwater back when her parents were still children. With the water up to her chest, anyone floating by on a raft wouldn't know she was pregnant. Even the baby’s father, if he were to ever own up to it. 

A spine poked her big toe and she immediately took the tickle stick from her belt loop. In two steps, Monica had the small lobster in her bag with the others.  She now had enough to sell at the flotilla. Hopefully none of her customer were former clients from her old line of business. Soon she’d have enough to move inland and make certain her child didn't have to come of age in this drowned echo of a city. 

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