Friday, December 5, 2014

Crash Test Impulses @MicroBookends

Micro Bookends flash fiction is tough. 100 word limit and have to start with "sacred" and end with "sound." Also had to incorporate the prompt photo of a fighter jet.

Crash Test Impulses

Sacred words never came when she closed the door of the crash test vehicle. Nancy could never bring herself to pray over the cadavers she’s transported to the labs. She was a woman of science and to bring mysticism into this cruel but necessary work would betray her own commitment to rationalism.

She put a cloth bag over the cadaver, resting the sewn in pressure pad over the corpse’s forehead. She gave the thumbs up to the engineer in the booth. Nancy wondered if this grandmother ever thought she’d be in the cockpit of a fighter jet. Nancy laughed, relieved that the din of the jet would cover the sound.

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