Friday, November 14, 2014

Traveling Haze @MicroBookends

Tried my hand at Micro Bookends flash contest this week. You have 100 words, a photo prompt and have to begin with "word" and end with "blind." Very tough.

Traveling Haze

Word of the haze arrived with a klaxon’s blare only an hour before the rouge cloud arrived. The defoliant, a leftover echo of a failed weapons test, enveloped the path between Jacob’s house and the hospital. They should have planned ahead to make certain that he and Evie were off the island during her last trimester in case this happened.

The hospital said they’d find a way to send a nurse as the baby was presenting breach. Looking out the window, Jacob saw her. The oxygen tank would save her lungs, but she wasn’t wearing goggles. Only squeezing her eyes shut. The acidic haze threatened to render her blind.

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