Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wedding Day Tradition - @microcosmsfic

A fun little prompt this week at Microcosms. I really wanted about 50 more words for this one. Like Flash? Get my Flash collection for FREE!

Wedding Day Tradition

He’d reviewed the checklist on the way to the Chapel O’ Love, but he swore something was missing. He scanned the crumpled paper as his bride drunkenly stumbled down the aisle.

Something old. . .

The locket from the dead waitress in Des Moines. Check.

. . . something new . . .

The wedding bands from the smash and grab in Phoenix. Check.

. . . Something borrowed. . .

He supposed his fiancee’s blood-flecked pumps from the massacre in Tulsa were loaners. Check.

. . . something blue.

Hmmm. That was the one. He scanned their officiant Elvis.  The impersonator’s turquoise ring would have to be good enough. Edgar readied his knife to carve the thing off.

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