Monday, February 1, 2016

#GGR Notes: Numbers 16:32

Each week after release, I'm sharing notes on each of the stories in my new collection Guns, Gods and Robotalong with a song recommendation or two that might share a theme or tone with the story.

Numbers 16:32

I love writing about isolated individuals and populations. In a way that may be the connective tissue between all of the lead characters in these stories. Not intentional, but now that I'm seeing all seven stories in one group, the argument could be made. In my vision of the classic farmer, they fit the bill.

After I wrote most of it I went and added the dog later after the fact. There's no coincidence in the dog's breed and the situation she's responding to. The opportunity to recreate a classic played motif in a horror story was too tempting. 

I've further cleaned this version of the story up from my original publication. Mostly in the Hollis section.

Some of the greatest complements I've received are from people who wrote me about the nightmares they had after reading this story. I've had a number of bad dreams too in committing these stories to the page, though mine mainly have to do with ensuring I'm delivering the best version of these stories to the reader.

Superdrag - The Art of Dying
Joseph may have a more meat and potatoes approach to mortality and facing death, but deep down, I know he could relate to this song's lyrics.

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