Friday, January 29, 2016

GGR Sale Email Update

Guns, Gods & Robots On Sale for A Limited Time!

Guns, Gods & Robots is $.99 on Amazon until 1/30

Hello readers! Thanks for all of the kind notes on Guns, Gods & Robots over the last month. I am always surprised which of my stories are most popular for each reader. It seems that there's something for everyone in my first collection. 

In order to get the word out even more people, I've put GGR on sale on Amazon for $.99 through Jan 30th. Tell your friends to raid their children's piggy banks and download before it's too late.

Download Guns, Gods & Robots here.


FlashDogs: Time Available 2/8

I have three new never-before-published stories included in this year's FlashDogs compilation. There other writers in this collection are great and really push this year's theme to the limit. All book royalties are donated to The Book Bus. 

Preorder FlashDogs: Time here.

Cloverfield Coincidence?

A farmhouse. . .  a hole in the ground. . .  lots of green. . . what else does the new Cloverfield movie have in store?

More here.

#GGR Interview w/ J. David Core - @gamutman @TandMPodcast

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Thinking of hosting a
limited run flash
fiction contest. Need to
figure out judges and
marketing. @FlashDogs

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#GGR Notes: Sangrimal

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Bait & Switch -

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New short stories, flash fiction, writing notes and more!


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