Saturday, January 2, 2016

Donor Regret - @microcosmsfic

Microcosms is a new weekly Flash challenge that has a 100 word limit. Challenging indeed. Here's my first stab at this week's round:

Donor Regret

Dr. Sharon waited outside of her colleague’s office in the rain. A fat raindrop followed the water-worn path from fingertip to the wrist and the large keloid scar that encircled it. It was astonishing Sharon was even able to feel the touch of the rain. A year ago this hand had been attached to his colleague, Dr. Farouk. After no suitable candidates were found, the two transplant doctors agreed perform to the world’s first hand transplants on each other. Dr. Sharon’s had worked, while Dr. Farouk’s body rejected the new appendage. Farouk and her lawyers wanted her hand back, but the knife in Sharon’s new grip said otherwise.

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