Monday, March 24, 2014

The setup

I used to spend my daily commute playing my 3DS or Vita. WIth 90 mins each day to kill I'd get pretty far in Guacamelee or Professor Layton or whatever game I was plowing through that week. I did the self assessment thing of determining how many hours I was dedicating to game play in a given month or year and was staggered. It was like keeping a food diary then adding up the calories only to explain the obvious "That's why I'm fat."

So last Fall I decided to attempt to use this 90 minutes writing on the train when I can. Having never written a book before, I didn't know where to start so just tried to commit the bedtime stories we make up for our kids to paper. Paper in this case is my 1st Gen iPad and bluetooth keyboard. It's a flexible set up that I've found good for getting ideas down. Editing is still a bear in Pages. I much prefer the precision of a mouse to the touchscreen.

So this is step one of an unknown number of steps toward a goal that is pretty fuzzy. As I continue to figure this out, I'll fill this blog in with the things that I learn as I write my books and short stories and who knows what else on my train rides. 

If you see me on the BNSF Metra typing away on my odd little set up, please say hi.

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