GGR Flyer Program

Want a free e-book copy of Guns, Gods & Robots? 

Participate in the GGR Flyer promotion and I'll send you a download code!

All of the stories in my debut collection are just one or two steps removed from everyday life. Inspired by a wide variety of postings at my local coffee shop I thought if would be fun to develop tear-off fliers around a couple of the more unique story elements in the collection. Who would follow up on a weird robot babysitter, or a request for an end-of-the-world running partner? Let's find out together!

Here's how you can participate:
  1. Download one of the fliers here.
  2. Cut the strips for the tearaway portion
  3. Post the flyer at a local business of board where such items are welcomed
  4. Take a photo of the flyer in it's new home 
  5. Post the photo to Twitter with the #GGRFlyer
  6. I'll send you the download code!
All fliers steer people to this Tumblr site where I let people in on the promotion and share a link to the book. It's all for fun and I hope that  at the least, these unusual fliers start a couple conversations.


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