Sunday, September 17, 2023

The Hotline at the End of the World - Now Available

The third book in the All Our Forgotten Futures series is now available as an eBook at Amazon. 

More about The Hotline at the End of the World:

In a world paralyzed by an unprecedented outbreak, Clint mans the CDC hotline, a solitary beacon of dwindling hope. Then, one fateful day, a call comes in. Clint finds himself navigating a delicate situation involving a mysterious woman, hinted at in classified files, who may possess the coveted cure. As the world remains under a suffocating lockdown, Clint's every word, every choice, holds the weight of untold futures.

"The Hotline at the End of the World" is a gripping narrative of responsibility and suspense, set in a reality where a single phone call can alter the course of humanity.

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