Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guns, Gods & Robots now in Paperback

Guns, Gods & Robots now in Paperback

Guns, Gods & Robots: Now Available in Paperback

My sci-fi and horror collection, Guns, Gods & Robots, has reached the next stage of evolution: paperback! If you can't get to your favorite indie bookstores in NYC, you can order direct from Amazon and other online retailers. GGR is always available for your eReader at the online bookstore of your choice.

Order Guns, Gods & Robots from Amazon.

". . . mind-bending, intelligent, and enjoyable; each story is multi-faceted and brilliantly written."

-Charity Rowell-Stansbury,


Time: Flash Dogs Vol. 3

I have three new, unpublished stories in the third volume of the FlashDogs anthology: Time. 100% of proceeds go to charity, so not only do you get some new horror, sci-fi and crime writing from me, but you also get to support giving children access to books in developing countries through The Book Bus.

Download FlashDogs Volume 3: Time here.


Flash Vol. 1

In between my bigger publications I'm always writing Flash fiction to stay sharp. I've compiled a year's worth of my flash fiction into a free collection for NoiseTrade and OpenBooks. 

"If you like Monty Python, you might really like this book."

-Ula Zarosa



What were Broadway tv commercials like before stedicams were able to run all around the bellowing characters on stage?

Via Twitter on 05.09.2016

Bezoars! @sawbones must
know about my facination
with them after visiting

Via Twitter on 05.12.2016

True story: By virtue of
circumstance I got to
talk space elevators
with NASA talent today.
So exciting!

Via Twitter on 05.13.2016

On track for Flash Vol 2
to be even larger than
#1. Here's the free
1st collection on

Via Twitter on 05.14.2016

New short stories, flash fiction, writing notes and more!


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