Sunday, April 17, 2016

Overcoming Patience - @MicrocosmsFic

This week at Microcosms the default prompt included SteamPunk. I just can't do that to myself again, so I re-rolled.

Overcoming Patience

Amos was still blocks away from the table where the kindly old woman at the front of the bread line would hand him a stale loaf. It was barely fit for ducks.

The Depression hardened his little heart almost as much as his parents abandoning him at the church. It was time to test the treasure he’d found in the burnt crater behind St. Germain’s this morning. Amos held up the glass disc and pressed the protruding button. A green arc of light struck the hunched man in front of him. The man evaporated, leaving a pile of dingy clothes.  Amos stepped forward and waited for the device to recharge.

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