Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guns, Gods and Robots - Content Update

It's been a busy January and February and editing down the first collection is nearing completion. My goal is to really strip this collection down to what I feel to be the best representation of my work over the past year. In doing so, I've ripped all flash fiction out of the collection. I'll keep those on the site. I'm also taking out the Bronze Shade and another ~1,000 word story as they're already available in public spaces.

So what made the cut?

  • Numbers 16:32 - Farm horror novella
  • A Foothold in the Orchard - crime short
  • Popular Mechanics for Young Widows - lovingly remixed novella of a complicated gift given from a recently deceased husband.
  • Sangrimal - short story about celebrating your birthday at a wild west era research outpost.
  • Virtuous Cycle - sci-fi novella about troubleshooting technology in the 3rd world
  • Fighting Weight - short story about the perils of draft dodging
  • 3rd Flight - short story about marathoning through the wastelands
Still working through the cover and formatting. I'll share progress as it's made.

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