Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Publications on Deck

I'm in full on editing mode for quite a few publications that I have on track for 2015. It just so happens that they'll all be done around the same time, so I'll be releasing these throughout the year. Here's what's on deck:

  • Guns, Religion & Robots - This is my novella anthology that includes revisited Numbers 16:32, Popular Mechanics for Young Widows and new stories that I've been developing over 2014. 
  • Knuckle Justice - This is a strange little hybrid novel about karate studio instructor unjustly jailed for crimes he actually did commit. 
  • Rad Uncle Zip's Annotated Guide - My contribution to the pop archaeology movement that brought us the Atari ET landfill excavation. More on this soon.
  • Patchwork - This chapter book is complete. I'm just working through the publication process. This is my adventure story about a pair of brothers that are sent a mysterious quilt that traps them in a time and place far away from home.
  • Cartridge Compilation - I writing a variety of short fiction for another site that I'll assemble at the end of the year for online publication. 

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