Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Artwork incoming

Well that didn't go well. Had a setback on the cover art for the kids novel. Somehow a shadow army of zombies escaping downtown and a pair of sour patch kids grimacing while walking on a lake weren't the best fit for the kids book. I would like to write the book that this would be a great cover for though.

I think the next draft is going to be awesome though. More to come on that soon.


  1. Hi. Before you publish, run your cover by It's a free, crowdsourced book cover review site. Your previous two book covers look good, but what you wrote up above spooked me a bit. I don't want your book to wind up on

    1. Big thanks for pointing me in the direction of these two sites. That bad book covers site it just. . . there's some things I can't unsee. Really like the review service that the bad cover site offers though.

      I've got a better cover in the hopper, but always wonder what they'd say about that first one that was drafted. . .

      Makes me think of all of the bad album cover sites out there. Here's an interesting one that follows up with singers:

    2. Wow, those are some terrible covers. It's a bit surprising to me how many horrible album covers are out there considering the amount of money that's been in the music industry for so long.