Friday, June 27, 2014

Cover Blues

Popular Mechanics for Young Widows is all done. . . sort of. Everything's proofed, and formatted, except I don't have the cover right.

WIth covers I like to come up with the idea then give my rouch clip arty version of the cover to a professional to interpret in the best way they see fit. This time I'm drawing a blank. It has to be intriguing without giving too much away.

Here's my gallery of fails so far.

This just doesn't read. The crummy clip art makes the protagonist look like a criminal, but that's fixable. Color scheme is pretty yuck to boot.

This is just boring. I'm sticking with purple or pink as the primary color.

I'm basically trying to illustrate one of the main themes in the novelette which has to do with technology creating a large barrier in the protagonist's reintegration into life after the death of her husband. Once I get the image locked in, I'll send a note to the mailing list and we'll move onto this summer's other large publishing project: Patchwork!

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